12th February 2018


  • a) yeah?
  • r) oh fanks for answering geezer you know what i mean?
  • b) where you fool, making us rinse out our credit, leaving you messages and that
  • r) .mr daws is well on the war path with you bruv yeah?
  • a) cauz of the bag and that
  • r) what bag? cauze you missed a lesson you cheaf
  • b) gimmie that, the bag wernt the problem teggsy never mentioned it, he bottled it. oy, are you coming over to mine later to play computa?
  • a) nah man, im at home now, i’ve got business i’ve got ta run
  • b) what business?
  • r) business that minds its own. i’m out.


Ruby, Ava and Emilys Spoken Conversation:

Ava: Mmmmm (verbal filler), I’ve got ‘peta’( unusual spelling) bread for lunch, yay!

Emily: ‘Pita’ bread!

Ava: Nooo,( repeated vowel – sound emphasis) ‘peta’( unusual spelling) bread.

Emily: It’s not ‘peta’( unusual spelling) bread.

Ava: Yeeesss!( repeated vowel – sound emphasis)

Ruby: Do we say, whad, whad  ( unusual spelling) do New Zealanders say?(interrogative)

Ava: ‘pe’, ‘peta’( unusual spelling)(Emily: pita)

Ava: Nooo!( repeated vowel – sound emphasis)

Ruby: ‘peta’.( unusual spelling)

Emily: ‘pita’.

Ruby:  Oh, p, ‘pita’s kinda ( colloquialism)  weird Emily.

Emily: it’s ‘pi’, no, it’s (Ava: Yeah, its like) yeah( colloquialism)  it’s like ‘peta’,( unusual spelling) it’s not ‘peeta’ (repeated vowel – sound emphasis)

Ava: You say, you say ‘baysil’.( unusual spelling)

Ruby: Yeeeeesssss!( repeated vowel – sound emphasis)It sounds (Ava: No it’s basil.)  so much better

Emily: No, but that would be “Bayyyyyyyyyyysil”( repeated vowel – sound emphasis) (Ruby: No, no)

Ava: Don’t you say, pasta?

Emily: No! Paaasta.( repeated vowel – sound emphasis)

Ruby: I say paaaasta. ( repeated vowel – sound emphasis)

Ava: Ok (backchannelling), good.

Emily: My Dad says grass.

Ava: (evil choke laugh).( speechlike interjection)

Ruby:  (chuckles)( speechlike interjection)

Emily: I’m gonna ( unusual spelling) mow the grass, and,

Ruby: Graaasss( repeated vowel – sound emphasis)

Emily: Let’s do, let’s um(verbal filler), let’s draw a graph.

Ruby: A graph

Ava: No its, (Emily: No it’s graaaaaph( repeated vowel – sound emphasis))

Ruby: Oh no!

Ava: I say, graph.

Ruby: I say graph too.

Emily: It’s not GRAPH ( uppercase to donate tone), that’s so naff.

Ruby: Graaaaph( repeated vowel – sound emphasis) is just so.. (Emily: GRAPH), ya( colloquialism) know. (Emily: GRAPH) english.

Emily: Peeeeta,( repeated vowel – sound emphasis) peeta( repeated vowel – sound emphasis) no, it’s (Ava: Yes)

Ruby an Ava Text Conversation:

A: i’m home 🙂 (emoticon)

A: can you come at 2:00/2:30 (Lack of punctuation)

R: sure! um(verbal filler) can it be 2? (ellipsis)  i have to go home at 4!

A: sure can you talk to soph( colloquialism)  (Lack of punctuation)

R: Hey goldie, u ( logogram) forgot ur cake- should I bring it on tue( colloquialism) ??  ( added punctuation for emphasis)

A: you can have it (Lack of punctuation) but I want the container back

R: Hey av, ( colloquialism)  are we still on for today at 5:30? And have you booked or should I?? ( added punctuation for emphasis) (heart)(emoticon)

A: Yep ( colloquialism)  but isn’t in 5:00? i’ll book as soon as I know how’s coming

R: Cool(backchannelling), it’s 5:15 and I tried to call u  ( logogram) but I booked 5 tickets ( just to be safe) because Sam went yesterday and it was full so I didn’t want us to miss out! if you’ve already booked tell me and I will cancel my bookings. See u soon!!! ( added punctuation for emphasis)

A: rub I just booked 5 tickets as well!!! ( added punctuation for emphasis) but i’m pretty sure it’s at 5:00 (Lack of punctuation)that’s what the website says but be there 15 minutes early (Lack of punctuation)

A: oh sorry the website only has the 1st of April

A: have you cancelled your booking rub?

R: Yes I have! And it’s at 5:15 right?? ( added punctuation for emphasis) So excited ;)(emoticon)

R: Happy birthday oldie!!! ( 20 hearts)(emoticon)

A: :-)(emoticon)

R: hahaha ( speechlike interjection), I lust got your message!! Thank you!!! ;)(emoticon)

A: Wouldn’t it be strange if all you phones got a text at the same time…

A: did it work?

R: Haha,( speechlike interjection) no only mine went off! Are u  ( logogram) (ellipsis) home?

A: No in Auckland airport 

A: (ellipsis) Bit board

R: yah ( colloquialism)  I bet!



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